Freemasonry is one of the world’s oldest and largest non-religious, non-political, fraternal and charitable organisations. For many, its biggest draw is the fact that members come from all walks of life and meet as equals whatever their race, religion or socio-economic position in society. Its values are based on integrity, friendship and charity. Freemasonry is intended to offer those who are members the opportunity to make themselves ‘better individuals’ and to demonstrate to others that they are kind, caring and considerate to their families, those in their workplace and all those less fortunate than themselves. 

The concept behind the Juno Lodge was the idea of enthusiastic like-minded local brethren who recognised that there was a need for a new vibrant Lodge within the Province that would champion the Universities Scheme. The Scheme itself is a pioneering attempt by the United Grand Lodge of England to help and support the many students and other young people who are seeking to become involved in Freemasonry but who may not know where to begin.

Juno Lodge aims to make Freemasonry more accessible to university students, academics, alumni, and staff who would like to engage and enjoy the precepts of Freemasonry but struggle due to studies, family, and career pressures. It will make Freemasonry more accessible to men without compromising their studies or work commitments nor without losing any of the ethos or principles of Freemasonry.

Women students may be interested in the University Scheme that has been set up by the Honourable Fraternity of Ancient Freemasons.